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This module provides the app's data store using Peewee with SQLite.
At the bottom there is a simple schema migration system.
import json
import os
import sys
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import peewee as pw
from playhouse.migrate import SqliteMigrator, migrate
from vorta.i18n import trans_late
from vorta.utils import is_system_tray_available, slugify, uses_dark_mode
db = pw.Proxy()
class JSONField(pw.TextField):
Class to "fake" a JSON field with a text field. Not efficient but works nicely.
def db_value(self, value):
"""Convert the python value for storage in the database."""
return value if value is None else json.dumps(value)
def python_value(self, value):
"""Convert the database value to a pythonic value."""
return value if value is None else json.loads(value)
class RepoModel(pw.Model):
"""A single remote repo with unique URL."""
url = pw.CharField(unique=True)
added_at = pw.DateTimeField(default=datetime.utcnow)
encryption = pw.CharField(null=True)
unique_size = pw.IntegerField(null=True)
unique_csize = pw.IntegerField(null=True)
total_size = pw.IntegerField(null=True)
total_unique_chunks = pw.IntegerField(null=True)
extra_borg_arguments = pw.CharField(default='')
def is_remote_repo(self):
return not self.url.startswith('/')
class Meta:
database = db
class RepoPassword(pw.Model):
"""Fallback to save repo passwords. Only used if no Keyring available."""
url = pw.CharField(unique=True)
password = pw.CharField()
class Meta:
database = db
class BackupProfileModel(pw.Model):
"""Allows the user to switch between different configurations."""
name = pw.CharField()
added_at = pw.DateTimeField(
repo = pw.ForeignKeyField(RepoModel, default=None, null=True)
ssh_key = pw.CharField(default=None, null=True)
compression = pw.CharField(default='lz4')
exclude_patterns = pw.TextField(null=True)
exclude_if_present = pw.TextField(null=True)
schedule_mode = pw.CharField(default='off')
schedule_interval_hours = pw.IntegerField(default=3)
schedule_interval_minutes = pw.IntegerField(default=42)
schedule_fixed_hour = pw.IntegerField(default=3)
schedule_fixed_minute = pw.IntegerField(default=42)
validation_on = pw.BooleanField(default=True)
validation_weeks = pw.IntegerField(default=3)
prune_on = pw.BooleanField(default=False)
prune_hour = pw.IntegerField(default=2)
prune_day = pw.IntegerField(default=7)
prune_week = pw.IntegerField(default=4)
prune_month = pw.IntegerField(default=6)
prune_year = pw.IntegerField(default=2)
prune_keep_within = pw.CharField(default='10H', null=True)
new_archive_name = pw.CharField(default="{hostname}-{profile_slug}-{now:%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S}")
prune_prefix = pw.CharField(default="{hostname}-{profile_slug}-")
pre_backup_cmd = pw.CharField(default='')
post_backup_cmd = pw.CharField(default='')
def refresh(self):
return type(self).get(self._pk_expr())
def slug(self):
return slugify(
class Meta:
database = db
class SourceFileModel(pw.Model):
"""A folder to be backed up, related to a Backup Configuration."""
dir = pw.CharField()
profile = pw.ForeignKeyField(BackupProfileModel, default=1)
added_at = pw.DateTimeField(default=datetime.utcnow)
class Meta:
database = db
table_name = 'sourcedirmodel'
class ArchiveModel(pw.Model):
"""An archive in a remote repository."""
snapshot_id = pw.CharField()
name = pw.CharField()
repo = pw.ForeignKeyField(RepoModel, backref='archives')
time = pw.DateTimeField()
duration = pw.FloatField(null=True)
size = pw.IntegerField(null=True)
def formatted_time(self):
class Meta:
database = db
class WifiSettingModel(pw.Model):
"""Save Wifi Settings"""
ssid = pw.CharField()
last_connected = pw.DateTimeField(null=True)
allowed = pw.BooleanField(default=True)
profile = pw.ForeignKeyField(BackupProfileModel, default=1)
class Meta:
database = db
class EventLogModel(pw.Model):
"""Keep a log of background jobs."""
start_time = pw.DateTimeField(
category = pw.CharField()
subcommand = pw.CharField(null=True)
message = pw.CharField(null=True)
returncode = pw.IntegerField(default=1)
params = JSONField(null=True)
profile = pw.CharField(null=True)
repo_url = pw.CharField(null=True)
class Meta:
database = db
class SchemaVersion(pw.Model):
"""Keep DB version to apply the correct migrations."""
version = pw.IntegerField()
changed_at = pw.DateTimeField(
class Meta:
database = db
class SettingsModel(pw.Model):
"""App settings unrelated to a single profile or repo"""
key = pw.CharField(unique=True)
value = pw.BooleanField()
label = pw.CharField()
type = pw.CharField()
class Meta:
database = db
class BackupProfileMixin:
"""Extend to support multiple profiles later."""
def profile(self):
return BackupProfileModel.get(id=self.window()
def _apply_schema_update(current_schema, version_after, *operations):
with db.atomic():
current_schema.version = version_after
current_schema.changed_at =
def get_misc_settings():
# Default settings for all platforms.
settings = [
'key': 'use_light_icon',
'value': False,
'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Use light system tray icon (applies after restart)')
'key': 'use_dark_theme',
'value': False,
'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Use dark theme (applies after restart)')
'key': 'enable_notifications', 'value': True, 'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Display notifications when background tasks fail')
'key': 'enable_notifications_success', 'value': False, 'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Also notify about successful background tasks')
'key': 'autostart', 'value': False, 'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Automatically start Vorta at login')
'key': 'foreground', 'value': False, 'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Run Vorta in the foreground when started manually')
if sys.platform == 'darwin':
settings += [
'key': 'check_for_updates', 'value': True, 'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Check for updates on startup')
'key': 'updates_include_beta', 'value': False, 'type': 'checkbox',
'label': trans_late('settings',
'Include pre-release versions when checking for updates')
return settings
def init_db(con):
db.create_tables([RepoModel, RepoPassword, BackupProfileModel, SourceFileModel, SettingsModel,
ArchiveModel, WifiSettingModel, EventLogModel, SchemaVersion])
if == 0:
default_profile = BackupProfileModel(name='Default')
# Create missing settings and update labels. Leave setting values untouched.
for setting in get_misc_settings():
s, created = SettingsModel.get_or_create(key=setting['key'], defaults=setting)
if created and setting['key'] == "use_dark_theme":
# Check if macOS with enabled dark mode
s.value = bool(uses_dark_mode())
if created and setting['key'] == "use_light_icon":
# Check if macOS with enabled dark mode or Linux with GNOME DE
s.value = bool(uses_dark_mode()) or 'GNOME' in os.environ.get('XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP', '')
if created and setting['key'] == "foreground":
s.value = not bool(is_system_tray_available())
if created and setting['key'] == "enable_notifications_success":
s.value = not bool(is_system_tray_available())
s.label = setting['label']
# Delete old log entries after 3 months.
three_months_ago = - timedelta(days=180)
EventLogModel.delete().where(EventLogModel.start_time < three_months_ago)
# Migrations
# See
current_schema, created = SchemaVersion.get_or_create(id=1, defaults={'version': SCHEMA_VERSION})
if created or current_schema.version == SCHEMA_VERSION:
migrator = SqliteMigrator(con)
if current_schema.version < 4: # version 3 to 4
current_schema, 4,
migrator.add_column(ArchiveModel._meta.table_name, 'duration', pw.FloatField(null=True)),
migrator.add_column(ArchiveModel._meta.table_name, 'size', pw.IntegerField(null=True))
if current_schema.version < 5:
current_schema, 5,
migrator.drop_not_null(WifiSettingModel._meta.table_name, 'last_connected'),
if current_schema.version < 6:
current_schema, 6,
migrator.add_column(EventLogModel._meta.table_name, 'repo_url', pw.CharField(null=True))
if current_schema.version < 7:
current_schema, 7,
migrator.rename_column(SourceFileModel._meta.table_name, 'config_id', 'profile_id'),
migrator.drop_column(EventLogModel._meta.table_name, 'profile_id'),
migrator.add_column(EventLogModel._meta.table_name, 'profile', pw.CharField(null=True))
if current_schema.version < 8:
current_schema, 8,
'prune_keep_within', pw.CharField(null=True)))
if current_schema.version < 9:
current_schema, 9,
migrator.add_column(BackupProfileModel._meta.table_name, 'new_archive_name',
migrator.add_column(BackupProfileModel._meta.table_name, 'prune_prefix',
if current_schema.version < 10:
current_schema, 10,
migrator.add_column(BackupProfileModel._meta.table_name, 'pre_backup_cmd',
migrator.add_column(BackupProfileModel._meta.table_name, 'post_backup_cmd',
if current_schema.version < 11:
_apply_schema_update(current_schema, 11)
for profile in BackupProfileModel:
if profile.compression == 'zstd':
profile.compression = 'zstd,3'
if profile.compression == 'lzma,6':
profile.compression = 'auto,lzma,6'
if current_schema.version < 12:
current_schema, 12,
'extra_borg_arguments', pw.CharField(default='')))
if current_schema.version < 13:
Migrate ArchiveModel data to new table to remove unique constraint from snapshot_id column.
tables = db.get_tables()
if == 0 and 'snapshotmodel' in tables:
cursor = db.execute_sql('select * from snapshotmodel;')
fields = [, ArchiveModel.snapshot_id,, ArchiveModel.repo,
ArchiveModel.time, ArchiveModel.duration, ArchiveModel.size]
data = [row for row in cursor.fetchall()]
with db.atomic():
size = 1000
for i in range(0, len(data), size):
ArchiveModel.insert_many(data[i:i + size], fields=fields).execute()
_apply_schema_update(current_schema, 13)
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