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Releases: borgbase/vorta


10 Jan 13:26
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This is the first release of our 0.9 branch. Work on this started in early 2023 and many new features and improvements were implemented since then. For details see previous pre-releases. Here just some highlights:

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to contribute either bug reports, code or translations. 🙏



30 Nov 07:23
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v0.9.1-beta3 Pre-release

We are almost ready for the first 0.9 release. This beta finally merges the new GUI to better manage file exclusions by @diivi. Some things you can now do around exclusions:

  • We ship exclusion presets for common use cases. Currently there are just a few, but we hope to add more over time. PRs welcome, if you have good exclusion lists around a specific topic.
  • Add your own exclusions and enable/disable them individually
  • You can always view the final exclusion list under Preview

Breaking changes ⚠️

  • Your existing exclusions can be found in the Raw tab. They will continue to be used as-is.
  • The "Exclude if present" feature isn't implemented in the new exclusion dialog yet. If you use this feature, you can manually add --exclude-if-present .nobackup in Schedule -> Shell commands -> Extra arguments for borg create.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.1-beta2...v0.9.1-beta3


27 Oct 13:15
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v0.9.1-beta2 Pre-release

This is the second (or third) beta release of our upcoming 0.9 branch.

Main changes are a revamped interface and improved tests, by our Google Summer of Code contributor, @bigtedde.


What's Changed

  • PR: Complete Unit Test cleanup/parametrization/coverage increases by @bigtedde in #1787
  • PR: Implement Profile Sidebar and New Setting Interface by @bigtedde in #1809
  • Update notarization for use with notarytool by @m3nu in #1831

Full Changelog: v0.9.1-beta1...v0.9.1-beta2


27 Sep 11:18
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v0.9.1-beta1 Pre-release

I'm proud to release the second beta version of our new 0.9 branch. With Google Summer of Code at full steam over the summer, the team got a lot done, with a few major features still pending for the next beta.

Thanks are also due to our mentors, who guided contributors while working on their pull requests. 👏 @real-yfprojects @Hofer-Julian

Please share your feedback here, so we can keep improving this branch until the final release.

Breaking changes

This Vorta version ships with Borg 1.2.6 (when using our macOS app), which fixes an issue with data authentication. So you may get an error saying "Data integrity error: Archive authentication did not verify". In that case, at a minimum, if you trust the repository, you need to run the following upgrade steps. Full details are described in Borg's release notes:

  1. Copy the repository URL. You can do this in Vorta's Repository tab using the Copy to clipboard button next to the repository selector.
  2. Ensure you have the repo passphrase ready. Vorta would keep it in the OS' keychain usually.
  3. Run this in the terminal: BORG_WORKAROUNDS=ignore_invalid_archive_tam borg upgrade --archives-tam $REPO_URL

Selected major features and improvements

  • You can now give names to repos to manage them more easily. By @diivi (#1665)
  • There are now separate unit tests and integration tests with live Borg installs, as well as higher test coverage. By @jetchirag and @bigtedde
  • Password entry is now done with a reusable widget. By @jetchirag, #1662
  • Vorta now uses Qt6 for the interface. #1685, by @i1sm3ky
  • @sten0 from Debian helped us to clean up our icon licensing situation. #1729

Full list of changes

15fa46f Improve SSH key process. By @bigtedde (#1802)
cff00ad Add '.log' suffix to log files. By @bigtedde (#1710)
43140be Refactor archive context menu. By @bigtedde (#1793)
3573bdb Minor: README type. By @prady0t (#1822)
4350f78 Prevent borg operation while renaming. By @bigtedde (#1791)
7d2b363 Changed label and tooltip for startup setting of Vorta (#1804)
8c82c40 Changed title of adding new repo and existing repo. By @SAMAD101 (#1810)
567a354 Reduce number of tests. By @bigtedde (#1780)
e5c9b22 Improve import/export feature test coverage. By @bigtedde (#1774)
3bfa78b Fix health indicator always being green in extract view.
2caa093 Source tab test improvements. By @bigtedde (#1772)
81920ea Repo test improvements. By @bigtedde (#1771)
e85ec38 Add diff tests. By @bigtedde (#1770)
ee71bca DRY tests, increase coverage. By @bigtedde (#1769)
fb42614 Add test utility functions (#1768)
30c5722 Inline archive renaming. By @diivi (#1734)
92f285f Add full font licenses, add Google icons to README. (#1740)
b58ffb6 Setting for number format in archive tab. By @bigtedde (#1719)
b015368 Integration Tests for Borg (#1716)
0e37e1c Correct homebrew path on arm macOS. By @sammcj (#1760)
25b4cc0 Introduced password input widget (#1662)
157ac37 Run actions on multiple archives. By @diivi (#1723)
ec1dfcd Add profile name to error notification. (#1728)
d087654 Update GSoC notice in README (#1739)
50be34c Use maintained stale action (#1737)
92608f9 Assign names to repos. By @diivi (#1665)
f76195e Disable compact button for older borg versions. By @diivi (#1727)
c56c670 Show trigger (user/scheduled) in Archive tab. By @diivi (#1732)
210a968 Replace CC-BY Vaadin icon (#1735)
70ad554 Replace Font Awesome icons with Fork Awesome and others (#1729)
2cb9afd Add a dev mode that allows for local storing of config files and logs (#1682)
5a3a7cf Run pre-commit in lint ci and polish ci setup. (#1712)
d7634e8 Clear contents of log_text after successfull backup (#1626)
82270ad Add re-format with ruff to .git-blame-ignore.revs.
24e1dd5 Run pre-commit (with newly added ruff) on code base.
f0a5a36 ci: Add ruff including print checks
4d65912 Fix pyobjc imports, bump minimum Python version (#1698)
20b7b49 hostname and fqdn template var consistent with Borg (#1697)
7535f92 (tag: v0.9.0) PyQt6 Upgrade (#1685)
8571ef6 Remove paramiko from dependencies

v0.9.0 (pre-release)

17 Apr 10:47
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v0.9.0 (pre-release) Pre-release

This is the first pre-release of the 0.9 branch that uses PyQt6 under the hood.

To test on macOS, use the attached build, which also includes Borg 1.2.4. To test on Linux, see our developer guide.

Thanks to @i1sm3ky and @real-yfprojects for making this happen.


10 Apr 07:52
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Removes a leftover dependency of paramiko. Rest same as v0.8.11


09 Apr 13:56
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This release includes a large number of smaller improvements by our Google Summer of Code contributors and others.

This will also be the last larger update of the 0.8 branch. Work will continue in the 0.9 branch that uses the next version 6 of the Qt framework.

Some highlights:

  • Retain sort settings in extract, diff and source views. (By @diivi and @jetchirag )
  • Setting to disable Full disk access check on macOS (By @bigtedde)
  • Support new Borg diff types (By @henry-spanka)
  • Remove Paramiko dependency (By @diivi)
  • Migrate from appdirs to platformdirs (By @ganeshrevadi)
  • Add tooltips to many settings in Misc tab (By @real-yfprojects)
  • Allow adding a SSH key when no repo was added yet (By @tobast)

Changes in details

b51b1ef Save list view as setting. By @diivi (#1621)
828e029 Use pf pattern format for extract. By @real-yfprojects (#1625)
6d5e738 Retain source tab sort settings. By @jetchirag (#1649)
a64493d Setting for Full Disk Access check. By @bigtedde (#1653)
e3451ed Handle ctime and mtime diff changes (#1675)
f407032 Revert "Added --content-only flag for borg 1.2.4 in diff view"
e0fe766 Added --content-only flag for borg 1.2.4 in diff view
d024597 Disable Archive tab buttons during backup. By @sunny775 (#1587)
3ebb078 feat: add profile name to log messages (#1637)
1f12782 Remove paramiko dependency (#1606)
c4d16e2 Fixes math error for negative size in diff view in archive tab
6bc5321 Add link to the logs folder in borg warnings (#1609)
961e0b5 Migrate from appdirs to platformdirs (#1617)
b01fa10 Replace print with logging in (#1612)
a00ed62 Fix detecting whether sources are configured (#1613)
618a1fe Add tooltips to settings. (#1521)
bcc126b (real-yfprojects/master) Improve size column readability in archives tab (#1598)
a048dad Allow copying the public part of the first SSH key
0cf9f0b Modify pre-commit config file using autoupdate (#1601)
f1e1ea4 Update type of debug_enabled input.
35d9a3b Adjust dev files for borgbase/ (#1585)
1b27b9b Allow creating an SSH key when bootstrapping Vorta
ffafcee Correctly supply prune pattern for borg >=1.2.2 (#1565)
a4ab7e7 Specify build system (minor) (#1580)
7886354 Remove pip install dependency. By @abdeoliveira (#1578)


22 Jan 12:07
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This is a larger release and is mostly the work of @real-yfprojects. Kudos to him and other contributors for all the great improvements! 🙌

Major changes:

Changes in detail:
2e589a0 Update translations (and Transifex config)
696c3fb Migrate to --match-archives in mount point detection.
5e04638 Specify archive using -a for borg v2 mount.
b4a7c54 Move umount logic from into existing BorgUmountJob. By @real-yfprojects (#1404)
e275215 Specify the use of a sh:-style pattern when pruning with borg v2.
ba5c7c5 Move rename logic for arguments into BorgRenameJob.
f9d1260 Remove compression field. Don't store timezone in db.
2b2d61b Implement borg v2 compatibility for most commands.
fa3a6cf Add borg v2 compatibility item.
78ec74a Fix tray menu on XFCE.
a6f7577 Fix dynamic colouring.
c620c0d (real-yfprojects/master) Handle empty path in FileTreeModel.addItem. (#1552)
ef297bb Avoid autostart warning when autostart disabled (#1549)
66340bc Add support for --paths-from-command to extra borg arguments. (#1538)
bf9285a Fix typo in issue bug template
cb4e3a1 Update usage of deprecated features in test.yml. (#1539)
cace077 Run borg compact with the --progress option
84fdbe5 Pass int to QPoint constructor.
b80e617 Change label Folders On Top to Folders First in Extract and Diff view.
7e7abaf Catch ProcessLookupError in BorgJob.cancel. (#1520)
225e84f Show progress on repo check (#1513)
6779bae Use new ssh://-style URL format as placeholder and in test (#1473)
667f3b3 Restart timers after hibernation/sleep (#1511) By @fixmeee
b072496 Populate repo info from profile after populating dropdowns.
031a498 Don't close temp file before running borg extract.
648c916 Update flatpak install rule, remove flatpak folder. By @Hofer-Julian


05 Nov 19:32
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This is a bugfix release on top of v0.8.8. It includes a fix for the Extract
feature, pins Pyobjc for macOS to the latest stable version and adds
new translations for Dutch.

722a841 Supply repository and archive name to borg in BorgListArchiveJob.
14a1de8 Add missing brackets fixing BorgListArchiveJob.
99eb287 Add Dutch language update
7550ae5 Pin pyobjc to v8 branch


04 Nov 10:15
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This version adds compatibility for Borg v1.2.2 and addresses several smaller
UI bugs.

Thanks to @real-yfprojects for contributing most of the improvements and to @marco44 for
making his first contribution.

b95da02 Fix sorting of diff results.
c5034e1 Remove legacy tree_view (tree model) implementation.
2126ef7 Remove unset repository value from combobox when a repo is selected.
14d5878 Replace --prefix with -a for borg v1.2.2 also.
0188b75 Use isomtime instead of mtime from borg v1.2.2 on.
ceb1a3b Add compatibility feature V122.
055338a Link to report form chooser for critical errors. (#1451)
ddcd3c7 (real-yfprojects/profile-sidebar, real-yfprojects/master) Update actions/checkout to v3. (#1433)
93307d2 Add default unset value to repo combobox. By @real-yfprojects (#1429)
496acfd Enhance community docs and bug reporting. By @real-yfprojects (#1419)
17cf810 Add pull request template.
be194d9 Add CONTRIBUTING file.
3b40ce8 Create
52b1e65 Create bug_form.yaml
ff0b888 Create config.yml
fd2d2d6 Update
62ba92a Log the error when parsing a file in ~/.ssh fails. (#1410)
4e06b6d Hide SSH dropdown for local repos. By @real-yfprojects (#1407)
8b36a63 Add badges to (#1406)
af311c9 Improve tooltips in archive tab. By @real-yfprojects (#1401)
ca497f8 Run hooks on the code base.
63b2eb1 Configure pre-commit hooks and configure black for tests also.
b80e01c Create .git-blame-ignore-revs (#1395)
ceb04d7 Move linting to the top in test.yml (#1391)
b6a24de Apply automatic formatting
7c97f79 Add config files for autmatic formatting
94e7664 Cleanup temp files. By @marco44 (#1384)
8a94457 Add spaces after assert and enhance git py diff. By @real-yfprojects (#1385)
d8e4a93 Improve the extract and diff dialog. By @real-yfprojects (#1219)
56de55e (real-yfprojects/sort-diff-result, sort-diff-result-2) Add icons to display mode combobox.
cbc0780 Add icon for folder on top button.
372b710 Improve extract dialog GUI.
e7772f5 Add sorting to ExtractDialog.
7eedd39 Implement extracting exactly the selected files.
71af54f Use new treemodel for extract dialog.
71aed9b Keep GUI responsive while processing diff results.
bdbc172 Open DiffResultDialog as a normal dialog instead of a sheet.
7003d69 Update diffresult.ui with new features and prettyfy it.
c8ba273 Use new treemodel for diff view.
3cd9404 Implement fresh TreeModel for TreeViews.
33639ae Add missing Qt dependency for tests (#1376)
fd88d7f Fix seconds and microseconds for fixed schedule and fix scheduling for the same day. (#1368)
305db92 Log json diff line parsing errors. By @real-yfprojects (#1369)