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@m3nu m3nu released this Mar 3, 2021

This is a maintenance release to address some issues Linux
users have reported with their keychain. With this release

  • You can disable the system keychain and just keep the repo
    passphrase in Vorta's settings DB (slightly less secure)
  • Keyring is now picked by assigning a score. So it will
    prioritized KWallet on KDE and Secret Storage on Gnome.

Other improvements

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@m3nu m3nu released this Feb 26, 2021

This is a maintenance release to address some widespread issues
related to different Linux keychains. It also adds Swedish as
translation, as well as updates to existing translations.

New features

  • Add option to refresh individual archives. By @rblenis (#878)

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fix log table sorting. By @rblenis (#881)
  • Improve kwallet verification. By @samuel-w (#889)
  • Remove failing SSH key check (#887)
  • Avoid segfault when quitting (#877)
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@m3nu m3nu released this Feb 18, 2021

This release adds support for two more Borg commands (rename and break-lock), as well as a
slightly revamped Archive tab. We also updated macOS Wifi support and fixed numberous bugs.

Possible Breaking Changes

  • This removes the profile_slug from the default archive name and prefix. This change only applies to new backup profiles. So if you use the same repo for multiple projects on the same hostname, be sure to check your prune prefix as well. The new default archive name is: {hostname}-{now:%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S}

New Features


  • Remove support for deprecated macOS XML wifi list. (#868)
  • Catch more possible SSH key parsing errors. (#789)
  • Improve cancelling Borg process (#786)
  • Add QTimer to ensure background jobs are scheduled correctly. (#780)
  • Fix corrupted archive table list during refresh if sorting is enabled. By @rblenis (#784)
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@m3nu m3nu released this Jan 31, 2021

This release adds a lot of detailed improvements, mostly contributed by our newest
maintainer @samuel-w.

A selection of the main changes:

  • Renable buttons on cancel. By @samuel-w (#772)
  • Allow pasting files/folders from file manager, set model defaults (#759)
  • Add option to disable exit dialog. By @samuel-w (#681)
  • Allow only one profile with --create. By @samuel-w (#744)
  • Improved password handling and transparency. By @samuel-w (#550)
  • Fix file selector dialog (#764)
  • Fix label colour not changing on dark mode change. By @samuel-w (#757)
  • Cleanup database at exit, use write-ahead logging. By @samuel-w (#696)
  • Sort files in Extract dialog alphabetically. By @samuel-w (#741)
  • Update check message on completion. By @samuel-w (#672)
  • Give error message on unmount failure. By @samuel-w (#668)
  • Improve exception handling. By @samuel-w (#628)
  • Ensure system keychain is unlocked before using it. By @samuel-w (#607)
  • Create backups from command line using existing profiles. By @samuel-w (#556)
  • Diff: better color of added and removed text. By @samuel-w (#649)
  • Add KWallet support. By @samuel-w (#540)
  • Correctly sort archives by size. By @samuel-w (#729)
  • Refactoring: remove last exec_, add tests, retain archive deletion message. By @samuel-w (#722)
  • Refactor add and rename to not use exec_. By @samuel-w (#721)
  • Improve autostart test. By @samuel-w (#720)
  • Limit network checking to only remote repos. By @samuel-w (#701)
  • Re-enable SSH host key checking for all operations except when adding repo (#717)
  • Add valid copyright header to Johan Rade's work. By @sten0 (#716)
  • Display number of files and sizes in source tab. By @XXXBold (#617)
  • Translate category labels for log output. By @samuel-w (#683)
  • Fix crash when window is closed while thread running. By @samuel-w (#685)
  • Reuse existing window when bringing to front. (#674)
  • Set icon through code (#676)
  • Show dialog on copy failure. By @samuel-w (#647)
  • Get keyring at runtime. By @samuel-w (#635)
  • Save correct window size. By @samuel-w (#661)
  • Properly catch DBusException. By @samuel-w (#670)
  • Set application name (#666)
  • Set all icons to same height (#660)
  • Replace Borg version with install method in bug report (#657)
  • Reduce icon memory usage. By @samuel-w (#656)
  • Cancel Borg thread at end of test. (#648)
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@m3nu m3nu released this Sep 10, 2020

This is a bugfix release for several new features contained in v0.7.0:

  • Fix crash when GUI is opened via tray icon while a backup is running. By @samuel-w
  • Use single tray icon for light and dark themes. By @samuel-w
  • Use naked en locale instead of en_US. Fixes #623 (#626)
  • Remove 'Backup in progress' when re-opening window (#627) by @samuel-w
  • Avoid formatting date and time twice. Fixes #624 (#625)
  • Handle DBusException in NetworkManagerMonitor (#636) by @ktosiek
  • Initialize the network status monitor lazily (#634) by @ktosiek
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@m3nu m3nu released this Sep 6, 2020

Our largest release ever with a long list of incremental improvements by many great contributors. Thanks to all of them!

  • Proper dark style support and removal of style hacks
  • Prevent duplicate repos from being added. Fixes #473
  • New setting to store previously selected profile. Fixes #241
  • Add error message when Borg binary is missing. Fixes #333
  • Notify of errors after system tray backup run. Fixes #105
  • Linux Desktop file: fix syntax, enhance Categories, add a Keyword. By @sten0
  • Fix parsing "changed link" lines. By @ktosiek
  • Add paste button for source paths. By @samuel-w
  • Prevent profiles from sharing the same name. Fixes #512. By @samuel-w
  • Add copy button for repository URLs/paths. Fixes #409. By @samuel-w
  • Move socket file from state-dir to tmp-dir. Fixes #513
  • Save main window state before closing. By @Hofer-Julian
  • Parse owner changes in borg diff results. By @ktosiek
  • Fix tests for PyQt 5.15 on Linux. By @samuel-w
  • Refactor Linux autostart by @samuel-w
  • Add correct icon for notifications on Linux. By @Hofer-Julian
  • Newer macOS deploy target for detecting dark mode. Fixes #575
  • Enable multiselection on source list by @XXXBold
  • Allow selection of multiple files by @samuel-w for #593
  • Prevent running backups on metered network. By @ktosiek
  • Add autosorting for source list. By @samuel-w
  • Use everywhere. By @samuel-w
  • Improved progress updates. By @SergioRAgostinho
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@m3nu m3nu released this May 26, 2020

  • Fixes some issues when no known Wifis are available on macOS. #429
  • Starts with the correct window size for high-res displays on Linux. By @SamuelBenard
  • Test- and linting fixes.
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May 26, 2020
Bump version: 0.6.24 → 0.6.25

@m3nu m3nu released this Mar 3, 2020

  • Notarize macOS release (includes notarized Borg)
  • Add Czech and Finnish translations. Thanks to Pavel Borecki and Jiri Grönroos!
  • Simplify startup behavior. Run in foreground by default (used by Flatpak and macOS). Use --daemonize to start in background.
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@m3nu m3nu released this Oct 10, 2019

  • Move setting prune options to right place. Fixes #339
  • Improvements to diff-feature. By @Hofer-Julian and @philroche
  • Enable sorting of archive table columns. By @Plastix
  • Always mount with current user and read-only permissions
  • macOS build: update dependencies. Now uses Qt 5.13.1 and Python 3.7.4
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