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* Si570.h
* Created on: 2010-02-27
* Author: Loftur Jonasson, TF3LJ
#ifndef SI570_H_
#define SI570_H_
// DEFS for the Si570 chip
// I2C Address for this chip is normally 0x55
#define SI570_I2C_ADDRESS 0x55 // Default Si570 I2C address (can change per device)
#define DEVICE_XTAL 0x7248F5C2 // 114.285 * _2(24)
#define DCO_MIN 4850 // min VCO frequency 4850 MHz
#define DCO_MAX 5670 // max VCO frequency 5670 MHz
extern uint8_t si570reg[]; // Si570 Registers
extern uint8_t SetFrequency(double f);
extern double Freq_From_Register(double fcryst);
extern uint8_t Si570Init(uint8_t i2c_address);
extern uint8_t Si570NewFreq(uint8_t i2c_address);
extern uint8_t Si570FreezeNCO(uint8_t i2c_address);
extern uint8_t Si570UnFreezeNCO(uint8_t i2c_address);
extern uint8_t WriteCmdToSi570(uint8_t i2c_address, uint8_t reg, uint8_t d);
extern uint8_t WriteRegToSi570(uint8_t i2c_address);
extern uint8_t GetRegFromSi570(uint8_t i2c_address);
#endif /* SI570_H_ */
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