A 0x0d.im homepage. Modified from xkcd CLI + jQuery terminal implementation
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0x0d.im 命令行入口

修改自 unixkcd, 由于未能成功使用原项目构建工具,故直接对源文件进行了修改,将 src 目录中各文件按需自行修改后放到网站根目录即可。效果见 0x0d.im 命令行入口: 0x0d.im



An interactive web interface for the webcomic xkcd resembling a Unix terminal. Comics can be browsed and displayed efficiently via the commands "first", "prev", "next", and "last".

Originally created as a joke for April Fools' 2010, the interface is now available at http://xkcd.com/unixkcd/.

Use the source, Luke.


  • Jokes are by Randall Munroe, Davean Scies, Chromakode, and various contributors from IRC.

  • Many thanks to Rod McFarland for his original CLI2. The JavaScript CLI implementation in cli.js is a heavily modified version of the CLI2 client-side logic. CLI2 is Copyright © Rod McFarland, 2006, 2007, 2008.

  • The bundled version of YUI Compressor is Copyright © 2007-2009, Yahoo! Inc.


  • The unixkcd code is released under the GNU GPLv2.

  • YUI Compressor is distributed under a BSD license, with Rhino components licensed under MPL.