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GTSAM is a sensor fusion library based on factor graphs, developed by Frank Dellaert and his students in Georgia Tech's BORG Lab, as well as numerous open source contributors.

Current Georgia Tech contributors include:

  • Varun Agrawal
  • Abhinav Jain
  • Matthew Sklar
  • Mandy Xie

Below are the many Georgia Tech BORG lab alumni with their current afffiliation, if known:

  • Jeremy Aguilon, Facebook
  • Pablo Alcantarilla, iRobot
  • Sungtae An
  • Doru Balcan, Bank of America
  • Chris Beall, Nuro
  • Luca Carlone, MIT
  • Krunal Chande, Fyusion
  • Alex Cunningham, TRI
  • Jing Dong, Facebook Reality Labs
  • Paul Drews, TRI
  • Alireza Fathi, Google
  • Eohan George
  • Alex Hagiopol, Microsoft
  • Viorela Ila, U. Sydney
  • Vadim Indelman, the Technion
  • David Jensen, GTRI
  • Yong-Dian Jian, Nvidia
  • Michael Kaess, Carnegie Mellon
  • Abhijit Jundu, Google
  • Zhaoyang Lv, Facebook Reality Labs
  • Andrew Melim, Oculus
  • Kai Ni, Holomatic
  • Carlos Nieto, UCSD
  • Duy-Nguyen Ta, TRI
  • Manohar Paluri, Facebook
  • Christian Potthast, USC
  • Richard Roberts, Google X
  • Grant Schindler, Consultant
  • Natesh Srinivasan, Apple
  • Alex Trevor, Fyusion
  • Stephen Williams, BossaNova

In addition, we have had contrubutions from many others at different institutions, again listed below with their current affiliations if known:

  • Abe Bachrach, Skydio
  • Jose Luis Blanco-Claraco, University of Almería
  • Matthew Broadway
  • Adam Bry, Skydio
  • Mike Bosse, ETHZ
  • Gareth Cross, Skydio
  • Christian Forster, Oculus Zurich
  • Paul Furgale, Oculus Zurich
  • Hayk Martiros, Skydio
  • Ellon Paiva, LAAS-CNRS
  • Thomas Schneider, ETHZ
  • Hannes Sommer, ETHZ

If you contributed but do not see your name listed above, or you are listed with an incorrect affiliation, please consider making a PR for this file at the github repo.

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