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// Copyright 2016 Erlend Johannessen.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package bingapi
import (
// Client contains http and auth parameters for the API call.
type Client struct {
AccKey string // Bing access key
Method string // Http method
UserAgent string // Bing call UserAgent
ReqTimeout int32 // Request timeout
// GetClient creates a new set of API call parameters
func GetClient(accessKey string) Client {
return Client{
AccKey: accessKey,
Method: bingAPIMethodPost,
UserAgent: bingAPIUserAgent,
ReqTimeout: bingAPIReqTimeout,
// Composite - executing Composite type Bing Search API search. Returns a CompositeResultContainer
// containing a slice of CompositeResult, where only the first element is used.
// See documentation for CompositeResultContainer and CompositeResult.
func (client Client) Composite(parameters Parameters) (CompositeResultContainer, error) {
var result compositeResultWrapper
if err :=, &result); err != nil {
return CompositeResultContainer{}, err
return result.Data, nil
// Web - executing Web type Bing Search API search. Returns a WebResultContainer
// containing a slice of WebResult and an URI for next page.
// See documentation for WebResultContainer and WebResult.
func (client Client) Web(parameters Parameters) (WebResultContainer, error) {
var result webResultWrapper
if err :=, &result); err != nil {
return WebResultContainer{}, err
return result.Data, nil
// News - executing News type Bing Search API search. Returns a NewsResultContainer
// containing a slice of NewsResult and an URI for next page.
// See documentation for NewsResultContainer and NewsResult.
func (client Client) News(parameters Parameters) (NewsResultContainer, error) {
var result newsResultWrapper
if err :=, &result); err != nil {
return NewsResultContainer{}, err
return result.Data, nil
// Image - executing Image type Bing Image API search. Returns an ImageResultContainer
// containing a slice of ImageResult and an URI for next page.
// See documentation for ImageResultContainer and ImageResult.
func (client Client) Image(parameters Parameters) (ImageResultContainer, error) {
var result imageResultWrapper
if err :=, &result); err != nil {
return ImageResultContainer{}, err
return result.Data, nil
// Video - executing Video type Bing Search API search. Returns a VideoResultContainer
// containing a slice of VideoResult and an URI for next page.
// See documentation for VideoResultContainer and VideoResult.
func (client Client) Video(parameters Parameters) (VideoResultContainer, error) {
var result videoResultWrapper
if err :=, &result); err != nil {
return VideoResultContainer{}, err
return result.Data, nil
// Related - executing Related type Bing Related API search. Returns a RelatedResultContainer
// containing a slice of RelatedResult and an URI for next page.
// See documentation for RelatedResultContainer and RelatedResult.
func (client Client) Related(parameters Parameters) (RelatedResultContainer, error) {
var result relatedResultWrapper
if err :=, &result); err != nil {
return RelatedResultContainer{}, err
return result.Data, nil
// search - the main search method, fills target struct with data from bing.
func (client Client) search(uri string, target interface{}) error {
var httpClient = &http.Client{}
httpClient.Timeout = time.Duration(client.ReqTimeout) * time.Millisecond
var req, errReq = http.NewRequest(client.Method, uri, nil)
if errReq != nil {
return errReq
req.Header.Set("User-Agent", client.UserAgent)
req.SetBasicAuth(client.AccKey, client.AccKey)
var res, errDo = httpClient.Do(req)
if errDo != nil {
return errDo
defer res.Body.Close()
return json.NewDecoder(res.Body).Decode(target)
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