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// Copyright 2016 Erlend Johannessen.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package bingapi
// Private constants for bingapi
const (
bingAPIRootURI = "" // Bing Search API URI
bingAPIUserAgent = "Bing Search Client for Go" // Bing UserAgent
bingAPIMethodGet = "GET" // Http method GET
bingAPIMethodPost = "POST" // Http method POST
bingAPIReqTimeout = 8000 // Request Timeout (in milliseconds)
defaultMarket = "en-US" // Default Market
defaultSources = "web" // Default Sources for Composite search
defaultTop = 50 // Default number of results (limited to 50 by API)
// Constants for searchtypes
const (
SearchTypeComposite = "Composite" // Composite type Bing Search API search
SearchTypeWeb = "Web" // Web type Bing Search API search
SearchTypeNews = "News" // News type Bing Search API search
SearchTypeImage = "Image" // Image type Bing Search API search
SearchTypeVideo = "Video" // Video type Bing Search API search
SearchTypeRelated = "Related" // Related type Bing Search API search
// MetaData holds meta data for each result.
// This is really just the URI for the specific result
// Metadata is describing, and the type of result.
// See e.g. the WebResult struct.
type MetaData struct {
URI string `json:"uri"`
ResultType string `json:"type"`
// Thumbnail holds thumbnail data for an ImageResult or a VideoResult
// from a Bing Search API search.
type Thumbnail struct {
MediaURL string `json:"MediaUrl"`
ContentType string
Width int32
Height int32
FileSize int32
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