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// Copyright 2012 Microsoft (data structure).
// Copyright 2016 Erlend Johannessen (code).
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package bingapi
// CompositeResult receives all results from a composite Bing search.
// The totals and offsets are in the Bing documentation described as int64,
// but in the received json they were strings.
type CompositeResult struct {
MetaData MetaData `json:"__metadata"`
ID string
WebTotal string // originally int64
WebOffset string // originally int64
ImageTotal string // originally int64
ImageOffset string // originally int64
VideoTotal string // originally int64
VideoOffset string // originally int64
NewsTotal string // originally int64
NewsOffset string // originally int64
SpellingSuggestionsTotal string // originally int64
AlteredQuery string
AlterationOverrideQuery string
Web []WebResult
Image []ImageResult
Video []VideoResult
News []NewsResult
RelatedSearch []RelatedResult
SpellingSuggestions []SpellResult
// CompositeResultContainer receives a slice of CompositeResult.
// Only the first element in the slice is used.
type CompositeResultContainer struct {
Results []CompositeResult `json:"results"`
// compositeResultWrapper is the outer wrapper for the result.
// Not used for more than receiving the resultcontainer.
type compositeResultWrapper struct {
Data CompositeResultContainer `json:"d"`
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