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A tiny CLI utility that runs "git status -s" for all git repositories below the given path.
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gitstat is a tiny command line utility that finds all git repositories below the given path, and for each repository runs git status -s, the briefer version of git status.


Give a directory as a parameter. If none is given, the current directory is used.

gitstat [options] [dirname]

Option -a shows directory name for every git repository, even if there is no status. Normally 'git status -s' is shown for each repository, the option -l changes it to show the normal (long) 'git status'. To list ignored files, use the -i option. Use gitstat -? for help.


Clone the repository into your GOPATH somewhere and resolve dependencies (see below), and do a go install.


gitstat is dependent upon Michael T Jones' fast parallel filesystem traversal package. See

It also uses Brian Downs' spinner package,, for showing progress while walking the given directory.

Resolve by doing:

go get
go get


When working with a lot of different git repositories simultaneously, it's nice to have a tool that helps to get a larger view of what is going on. As usual, this was a tool I needed, and it was fun to make.


A MIT license is used here - do what you want with this. Nice though if improvements and corrections could trickle back to me somehow. :-)

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