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A shim to provide a Twitch chat-like API for services like Mixer and YouTube, designed and tested for Dead Cells' Twitch integration.

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Emulate Twitch's chat API for other services. Only tested with Dead Cells but other things may work too, who knows.


Hooooooooo boy this sucks. Assumes you're on Windows and playing Dead Cells.

  1. Get a DNS name that has 18 total characters, same as
  2. Set up Let's Encrypt with your favorite web server (I like nginx) to get a real, trustworthy SSL cert on that domain. Make sure you stop the server once you have the cert.
  3. Link your Dead Cells account to your actual Twitch account so the options panel appears.
  4. Install nmap on your server - although we don't actually need nmap, just ncat which is bundled with it.
  5. Download the Linux version of Dead Cells - easiest in a Linux VM.
  6. Run sed -i s/<your domain>/ hlboot.dat in the VM's Dead Cells directory.
  7. Steal your patched hlboot.dat from the VM's Dead Cells directory and put it in your actual Dead Cells directory.
  8. Download the HashLink runtime and steal hl.exe. Rename it to deadcells.exe and stick it in your Dead Cells directory.
  9. On your server, run ncat -lvCk --output /dev/tty -p 443 --ssl --ssl-cert /etc/letsencrypt/live/<your domain>/fullchain.pem --ssl-key /etc/letsencrypt/live/<your domain>/privkey.pem --sh-exec "ncat --ssl 443". This will let you snoop on the actual connection to Twitch.
  10. Fire up Dead Cells in streamer mode (I recommend a burner save just in case) and let it connect to your fake Twitch chat server. The first line it sends should be logged on your server as PASS oauth:<token>. Quit Dead Cells before you kill the ncat server.
  11. Clone this repository to somewhere on your server and python install (might be python3).
  12. Copy to and fill in that token.
  13. Do whatever platform-specific setup you want - those instructions are available below.
  14. To run this server, run python /etc/letsencrypt/live/<your domain> (might have to use python3 on Linux).

Mixer Setup

  1. Get your Mixer channel ID as described in
  2. Get your Mixer access token - the easy way is to steal it from the Mixer chat API example by clicking the 'Click here to get your Token!' in the Node example.
  3. Get your Mixer OAuth client ID by making a new Mixer OAuth application.
  4. Dump all those in
  5. Uncomment import mixer as backend in

YouTube Live Setup (doesn't work yet)

  1. Make a project in the Google Developers Console and give it access to the YouTube Data API.
  2. Set up credentials. You're using the YouTube Data API from an Other UI and accessing user data. Your consent screen will need youtube and youtube.force_ssl scopes. You will get a scary warning about verification here; you can ignore it. Download the credentials as JSON.
  3. Take the entire JSON file and dump it in
  4. Uncomment import youtube as backend in


A shim to provide a Twitch chat-like API for services like Mixer and YouTube, designed and tested for Dead Cells' Twitch integration.






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