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We need help with design and implementation of this algorithm, in Python. All contributions must be consistent with the principles introduced here. Unless you find some conceptual flaws or omissions, which would be even more valuable.
This is an open project, I pay per contribution, or monthly once there is a track record. I have ~1M in liquid assets and fully expect to spend it on this project, although it's likely to be back-loaded.


2010: Todor Arnaudov, $600 for suggestion to buffer old inputs after search.

2011: Todor, $400 consolation prize for understanding some ideas that were not clearly explained here.

2014: Dan He, $600 for pushing me to be more specific and to compare my algorithm with others.

2016: Todor, $500 for multiple suggestions on implementing the algorithm, as well as for the effort.

Kieran Greer, $375 for an attempt to implement level 1 pseudo code in C#


Alexander Loschilov, $2800 for help in converting my level 1 pseudo code into Python, consulting on PyCharm and SciPy, and for insistence on 2D clustering, February-April.

Todor Arnaudov: $2000 for help in optimizing level_1_2D, June-July.

Kapil Kashyap: $2000 for stimulation and effort, help with Python and level_1_2D, September-October


Todor Arnaudov, $1000 mostly for effort and stimulation, January-February

Andrei Demchenko, $1800 for conventional refactoring and interface improvement in, few improvements in the code, April - May.

Todor Arnaudov, $2000 for help in debugging, September - October.

Khanh Nguyen, $2700, for debugging and improving line_POC, December 2018.


Stephan Verbeeck, $2000 for insistence on using 2x2 gradient, as well as his perspective on colors, contour tracing, and languages, January-June

Todor Arnaudov, $1600, frequent contributor, March-June

Kok Wei Chee, $900, for diagrams of line_POC and frame_blobs, December

Khanh Nguyen, $10100, lead debugger and co-designer, January-December


Mayukh Sarkar, $600 for frame_blobs performance analysis and porting form_P to C++, January

Maria Parshakova, $1600, team developer, March-May

Khanh Nguyen, $8100, team developer

Kok Wei Chee, $14200, team developer


Kok Wei Chee, $6500, team developer, January-April

Khanh Nguyen, $300, team developer, April

Aqib Mumtaz and Ayesha Ali, $1100: audio interfacing for 1D alg, April