Facebook Profile Picture/Cover Picture Change counter server
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Facebook Profile Picture/Cover Picture Change counter server

1) Clone the Repo
2) Fetch your facebook Notification RSS feed URL (Notification bar -> See all)
3) Use it in the script
4) Change _Name_ to your friend's name whose changes you want to provide as a service
5) Run the program in bg or daemonize it
6) Open the port 1337 (Don't be scared, program doesn't accepts any user input)
7) On client nc yourserveriporhostname portnumber
8) Do not forget to share with all your friends


Not an effective idea, Notifications are short lived and get pushed down
But i wanted to have something in a hour and here it is.
An effective idea would be to use naive FB graph API


Named after my friend NKT.
I am not responsible for the Death Threats you receive from your friends for running this service