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Classification of Simpsons characters using
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Simpsons classification

Classification of Simpsons characters


This is a simple demo for classifying Simpsons characters with and optimizing the neural network by monitoring and comparing runs with Weights & Biases.

Hyper-parameters are defined pseudo-randomly and every run is automatically logged onto Weighs & Biases for easier analysis/interpretation of results and how to optimize the architecture.


  1. Install dependencies through requirements.txt, Pipfile or manually (Pytorch, & Wandb)

  2. Log in or sign up for an account -> wandb login

  3. Run python

  4. Visualize and compare your runs through generated link

    alt text


After running the script a few times, you will be able to compare quickly a large combination of hyperparameters. As an example, you can refer to my runs.

alt text

Feel free to modify the script and define your own hyperparameters.

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