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Quiz Sense

Quiz Sense is essentially a ChatBot that connects to your Qlik Sense Server, pulls master dimensions and measures from an app to generate quiz questions like these:

Quiz Sense Image

The project consists of 3 backend components:

  • communication to Qlik Sense
  • the telegram interface
  • and a database to keep track of questions and scores.

Quiz Sense Image

Try it

Add @quizsensebot on Telegram and say hello. On a phone? Go to


The entire code is written in typescript and runs on node.js. To run your own copy do the following:

You'll need a telegram bot (token) see here, if you don't know how to get one:


  1. Download the repo

  2. Extract and run npm install from inside the main directory (where package.json is)

  3. Enter the configuration for your telegram bot and Qlik Sense connection in ./src/config/config.ts

// ./src/config/config.ts

// Telegram stuff
export var botToken: string = '<YOUR TELEGRAM API TOKEN>';

// Environment stuff
export var proxy: string = '<YOUR HTTP PROXY ADDRESS | null if unapplicable>';

// Qlik Sense Stuff
export var qlikCertificateDir: string = './src/cert/';
export var qlikUser: string     = 'UserDirectory= INTERNAL;UserId= SA_API';
export var qlikServer: string   = '<YOUR QS SERVER WSS URL | ws://localhost:9076/app/engineData for QS Desktop>';
export var qlikApp: string      = '<THE APP ID YOU WANT TO CONNECT TO>';
  1. Export Qlik Sense certificates to facilitate communication between the backend and the engine ( Afterwards copy them over to the cert folder or amend the qlikCertificateDir variable above.

  2. Run tsc in the main directory to compile your code.

  3. Run node ./dist/app.js

  4. Start Telegram and talk to your quiz master

Happy Quizing!!

Refer to for more information

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