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##Purpose TeamCity is much more than just a Continuous Integration server. It is the central communication point of software development organization. Using this plugin you can add communication and sozializing capabilities to your existing TeamCity server.

##How to use

  1. Dowload and extract on the TeamCity agent, for example: C:\Tools\TeamCityZen
  2. Configure TeamCity and SMTP details in TeamCityZen.exe.config
  3. Add command line step in build configuration with command C:\Tools\TeamCityZen\TeamCityZen.exe /buildId
  4. Use @UserName in comments to notify somebody about your checkin/commit

##Future plans:

  1. Add @groupName support to notify group about checkin/commit
  2. Port to Java as TeamCity plugin
  3. Display link from TeamCity UI to user's profile page
  4. Support emoticons in comments and display them on TeamCity UI

##Continuous Integration: Last build status is: ci

alt text

##Author Boris Modylevsky (@bormod)

##License Apache 2.0