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Your mobile browser, a musical instrument

Mobile browsers that implement the Web Audio API use the native playback (case 1). Those that don't fall back to an Audio server, and send messages to a Web Audio capable desktop browser over a web socket (case 2).

Architecture diagram.

State of the art

At the time of writing, no mobile browsers support the Web Audio API.

Directory guide

/instruments: Musical instruments with separated touch-enabled UI and Web Audio API synthesizer components.

/player: The component responsible for playback if there's no Web Audio support in the mobile browser (case 2).

/shared: JavaScript shared between the player and instruments.

/server: A python-based web socket server that accepts messages and re-broadcasts them to all connected clients.

Contributor guide

Need more musical instruments. Get creative!

  1. Clone repository
  2. Add a new directory in instruments/
  3. Create a in there
  4. Develop your instrument, ensuring that your audio playback component is clearly separated from your instrument's UI.
  5. Once you are ready, register your synth with the player in /player.
  6. Test thoroughly and submit a pull request.
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