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A proxy server that converts and uploads PDFs to
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A standalone Google App Engine application that uploads files to

API Description

GET /:

Provides an upload form supporting both PDF files and plaintext tabs/chords at


Takes form-encoded info about the work being uploaded:

Required fields:

  • title (string)
  • composer (string)
  • label (string)
  • notation (string)

XOR fields (exactly one must be specified):

  • text (string)
  • pdf (binary)
  • pdfurl (string)

Optional fields:

  • rating (int)

Test cases

Tests first! Write unit tests in QUnit for these cases:

  1. Not all required fields are specified.
  2. None of the XOR fields are specified.
  3. More than one of the XOR fields are specified.
  4. Invalid file is uploaded.
  5. Invalid URL is specified.
  6. PDF with N pages is uploaded, ensure that N expected URLs are created.
  7. Something is uploaded, ensure that a corresponding smusique database entry gets created.
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