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This is an UglifyJS plugin for Metalsmith and is a successor to the original plugin written by Keith Smith.


Install the package:

npm install metalsmith-uglify

Add the plugin to your Metalsmith build chain:

const metalsmith = require('metalsmith');
const uglify = require('metalsmith-uglify');

    .build(function (err) {
        if (err) {
            throw err;

        console.log('Build complete');


The plugin function accepts a configuration object as the first argument.

  • {boolean} - Set to use terser package instead of uglify-js. It will set also set options.uglify.ecma = 6 by default.

  • {object} options.concat - Set to concatenate to a single bundle file.

    • {string} options.concat.file - Name of the bundle file. Default is scripts.min.js.

    • {string} options.concat.root - Directory where the bundle file will be placed. This option overrides options.root.

  • {Array[string]} options.files - List of files to be processed. If options.concat is set, files will be passed to UglifyJS in that order. This option is only needed for bundling badly written code (e.g. jQuery) that relies on files being processed in a certain order. This option overrides options.filter.

  • {function} options.filter - Function to filter the list of JavaScript files. By default .min.js files are excluded.

  • {string} options.root - Set to limit the plugin to a specific source directory.

  • {boolean} options.removeOriginal - Set to exclude the original (unminified) file from the output directory.

  • {boolean} options.sameName - Set to keep minified name as is without adding .min. This option overrides options.removeOriginal and is ignored if options.concat is set.

  • {object} options.uglify - UglifyJS configuration (see UglifyJS docs). Default is { sourceMap: { includeSources: true } }.

  • {boolean} - Set this if you are using the plugin on Windows. If you are using any of the root options, you will need to use \\ instead of / in the path.

Upgrading from version 1.x

Version 2 is a rewrite of the plugin with significant breaking changes to the options object.

Please refer to the upgrade document for more information.


To build the example page run:

make example

Inspect files in example/ for more information.

Debug Logging

Set the DEBUG variable to see what the plugin is doing.

If you are troubleshooting the plugin itself then the following should be enough:

DEBUG=metalsmith-uglify:info:* node build.js

If you think the problem is actually related to something UglifyJS does then you can get more detail:

DEBUG=metalsmith-uglify:* node build.js