A simple web page for local bistro restaurant 'Linda'
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Restauraunt Website For Local Bistro - Linda.

This is a website dedicated to a local bistro named Linda, in my town Ashkelon. This is built as a gesture and for my own practice sake.

This has been built with mainly HTML and CSS with very little JS.

Tools that were used:

  • PUG - Templating for HTML
  • SASS - Preprocessor for CSS. I really like this one, it's amazingly convinient syntax and features.
  • Vanilla JavaScript - no jQuery/React etc..
  • Gulp - I've used it for BrowserSync, For script injection (experimenting), and mainly for the build before deployment, even though it's a really small project that can probably live without minification/concatenation, it was great learning experience and lots of broken teeth and spitted blood :D :D