A Simple Typing Game Using React.js
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Typing Game App built with React.js

Hello and welcome to my first typing game which is also build with React as part of my React studying.

currently in development and is not deployed

to run the project:

  • Clone the repository
  • run npm install from the directory
  • run npm start to launch the project on localhost:3000

This app currently build using :

  1. React.js - Without Redux. not sure if ever will use Redux in the project.
  2. CSS/SASS - Currently everything is stored in one file, using BEM Naming conventions.
  3. Node-sass- I use node sass' "watch" script to save the css on the go.
  4. Axios - I use axios for simple Quotes Fetch from some API.

Responsive Design

Currently, the app is not responsive. I do not plan to fix the responsiveness, the app is intended for laptop+ usage anyways.

other plans:

  • Add Error checking, i.e checking how may words are mistyped.
  • Add CSS Transitions. CSS.
  • Refactor the whole code so it follows React's best practices. The code is almost absolutely lacking tsam