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Pinglei Guo edited this page Apr 17, 2016 · 5 revisions

1. As a pre-built phar file

Boris is available for download as a Phar archive:

Simply download it and run it.

curl -L -O
chmod +x boris.phar
sudo mv boris.phar /usr/local/bin/boris

2. Via packagist

For use with composer.

Can be installed globally via:

composer global require "d11wtq/boris"

3. Directly from this repo

This is great if you want to stay really up-to-date. I don't commit unstable code to master, ever.

git clone git://
cd boris

4. Build your own phar

You can also build a PHAR file using Box:

box build

This will create a boris.phar file. Feel free to move it into your bin directory:

chmod +x boris.phar
mv boris.phar /usr/local/bin/boris

Pro Tip

Add boris to your $PATH for easy access.

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