A hipchat bot that will queue youtube links
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This repo has a bot used to queue youtube links and a website to play them. It's functional from version 0.0.1, the angular version is implemented in version 0.0.2. A redesign is implemented in version 0.0.3

Check out the releases


  • copy bot/capabilities.dist to capabilities
  • replace %url% in that file to the url where you'll be hosting the bot.
  • copy config.php.dist to config.php
  • fill in all config parameters. If you want to be able to search you'll need a youtube api key, if you don't want to search you can remove bot/handlers/searchHandler.php
  • you'll need to do composer install in both the bot and site directories.
  • To make sure the website has styling you'll need to do npm install and grunt build as well. You'll need to do these commands from inside the site/web/ directory.

We've got some open issues and we appreciate every pull request.