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Identified file formats

Engine Version Names

  • Sherman - Rainbow Six Engine
  • Rommel - Rogue Spear Engine
  • Ike - Ghost Recon

General/Shared files

Working means that it is read to an extent that meaningful data is being read. Complete means that files are fully read, all variables are understood.

Working Complete Extension Type Details
[x] 100% RSB Binary Red Storm Bitmap
[x] 100% CXP Text Texture/Material metadata such as color keying and animation properties
[x] 95% SOB Binary Static objects. Mainly used in R6, amd appears to be leftovers in RS. Sherman OBjects?
[ ] ROB Binary Static objects. Used in RS. Rommel OBjects?
[ ] QOB Binary Static objects

Map related files

Working Complete Extension Type Details
[ ] ASS Text Ambient Sound Sources
[ ] SHT Binary 2D collision data. can be generated by tool at map export time, or by game
[ ] STP Text Material to physical property mapping?
[x] 80% MAP Binary R6/RS Map file, geo, materials, portals
[x] 80% DMP Binary Light data that is no longer stored in MAP files in Rogue Spear/Rommel
[ ] RLV Binary ??? - stored alongside roguespear maps
[ ] MIS Text Mission file, stores data about a mission such as ambient lighting, mission name, available operators etc
[ ] MDF Text Mission difficulty file, stores data about terrorists, hostages and other settings for a particular difficulty setting

Character related files

Working Complete Extension Type Details
[ ] [ ] BCL Binary ??
[ ] [ ] CRP Binary Character model?
[ ] [ ] DAM Binary Motion/Anim Data?
[ ] [ ] SKL Binary Skeleton?
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