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// Type definitions for Video.js
// The Video.js API allows you to interact with the video through Javascript, whether the browser is playing the video through HTML5 video, Flash, or any other supported playback technologies.
// Project:
// Definitions by: Vincent Bortone <>
// Definitions:
interface VideoJSOptions {
techOrder?: string[];
html5?: Object;
width?: number;
height?: number;
defaultVolume?: number;
children?: Object;
interface VideoJSSource {
type: string;
src: string;
interface VideoJSPlayer {
play(): VideoJSPlayer;
pause(): VideoJSPlayer;
paused(): bool;
src(newSource: string): VideoJSPlayer;
src(newSource: VideoJSSource): VideoJSPlayer;
src(newSource: VideoJSSource[]): VideoJSPlayer;
currentTime(seconds: number): VideoJSPlayer;
currentTime(): number;
duration(): number;
buffered(): TimeRanges;
bufferedPercent(): number;
volume(percentAsDecimal: number): TimeRanges;
volume(): number;
width(): number;
width(pixels: number): VideoJSPlayer;
height(): number;
height(pixels: number): VideoJSPlayer;
size(width: number, height: number): VideoJSPlayer;
requestFullScreen(): VideoJSPlayer;
cancelFullScreen(): VideoJSPlayer;
ready(callback: () => void ): void;
addEvent(eventName: string, callback: () => void ): void;
removeEvent(eventName: string, callback: () => void ): void;
interface VideoJSStatic {
(id: any, options?: VideoJSOptions, ready?: () => void): VideoJSPlayer;
declare var _V_:VideoJSStatic;
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