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Manual install

Pre-built binaries are available for linux and MacOS on the releases page.

Installation script (MacOS and Linux)

This installation script works for linux and MacOS and can be used for quickly installing or upgrading to the newest clj-kondo without a package manager. It will install to /usr/local/bin by default.

To download and execute the script:

bash <(curl -s

To install to a different directory, append the option --dir <other-dir> to the above command.

To upgrade, just run the script again.

Brew (MacOS and Linux)

On MacOS you can use brew. On Linux you can use Linuxbrew.

To install with brew:

brew install borkdude/brew/clj-kondo

To upgrade:

brew upgrade clj-kondo

NPM (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

npm install -g clj-kondo

Arch (Linux)

clj-kondo is available in the Arch User Repository. It can be installed using your favorite AUR helper such as yay, yaourt, apacman and pacaur. Here is an example using yay:

yay -S clj-kondo-bin


clj-kondo is available in the Nix Packages collection. To install it globally, add it to your systemPackages. If you just want to try it, you can do it in a Nix shell:

nix-shell -p clj-kondo

Scoop (Windows)

A Windows binary version of clj-kondo.exe is available via this scoop bucket which also has several other Clojure tools for Windows:

scoop bucket add scoop-clojure
scoop install clj-kondo

To update:

scoop update clj-kondo

Running on the JVM

Running with Docker

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