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Craft plugin adds a column to see which assets are used or unused.


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Craft Asset Usage plugin

Adds a column to the assets overview to see which assets are used or unused. For Craft 4.

The "Usage" field shows all relations and the "Current Usage" field shows relations excluding revisions and deleted elements.


  • Go to admin/assets
  • Click the "sprocket" icon
  • Check the "Usage" or "Current Usage" column
  • Save
  • The assets table should now show a "Usage" or "Current Usage" column indicating usage


The setting values can be overridden from a PHP file within your project’s config/ folder, named assetusage.php.

The file just needs to return an array with the overridden values:


return [
    'includeRevisions' => false,
    'renderUsedByInAssetDetail' => true,


  • Everything using an asset field or the relations table, including matrix fields
  • SuperTable

Does NOT support (assets not connected through relations table)

  • LinkIt
  • Redactor
  • ether/seo

Commandline usage

craft assetusage/default/delete-unused  # Deletes all unused assets.
craft assetusage/default/list-unused    # Lists all unused assets.


Copyright © Born05

See license