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Sentry plugin for Craft CMS 3

Pushes Craft CMS errors to Sentry. Does not log exceptions in devMode.


Plugin Store

  1. Search for 'Sentry SDK'.
  2. Hit install
  3. Create a config file as explained below.


  1. Run: composer require born05/craft-sentry
  2. Hit install in Admin > Settings > Plugins
  3. Create a config file as explained below.


  • Craft 3.1 or later
  • PHP 7.1 at least

Configuring Sentry

Create a config/sentry-sdk.php config file with the following contents:


return [
    'enabled'       => true,
    'anonymous'     => false, // Determines to log user info or not
    'clientDsn'     => getenv('SENTRY_DSN') ?: '', // Set as string or use environment variable.
    'excludedCodes' => ['400', '404', '429'],
    'release'       => getenv('SENTRY_RELEASE') ?: null, // Release number/name used by sentry.


Based upon the sentry plugin by Luke Youell.


Copyright © 2019 Born05

See license

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