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FasterQueue, custom line management

FasterQueue is an open source, free solution for customer line management that integrates with your With FasterQueue your customers can enter a virtual queue over the web or at your place of businesses, through a touch screen or kiosks.

FasterQueue is integrated as part of the open source project StudioLite:

The Queue Manager allows your employees full control on who to serve next and retrieve analytics on current progress and service times. Best of all, your customers can receive live status via SMS, email, web and a mobile app so they can stay informed on their current position in line.

Enterprise users will also enjoy multi terminal support to manage multiple lines at the same physical location. FasterQueue is easy to setup and because it integrates with, you can mix engaging content with your customer queue manager.

To learn more about FasterQueue customer line management visit:


  • integrate with your Signage presentation
  • manage unlimited number of customer lines
  • mobile App integration (iOS / Android)
  • cloud hosted, no servers to setup
  • allow customers to join queue remotely
  • fully customizable through CSS and HTML
  • set threshold for service notifications
  • mobile notifications via Web / SMS / email
  • generate in store printable line tickets
  • unique verification code per customer
  • generate analytics of call and service times
  • open source project hosted on GitHub
  • FREE to use with