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DigitalSignage.com enterprise management studio

To check this web application in action, login to: http://dash.digitalsignage.com (Enterprise account required)

StudioDashboard is an open source, Digital Signage Enterprise manager for subscribers of the Enterprise edition of MediaSignage Inc.

Prerequisites to use the web app:

Prerequisites to fork and host on your own site:

  • An active DigitalSignage.com Enterprise account
  • Web server (preferably running node.js)

Prerequisites to fork and custom develop features:

  • An active DigitalSignage.com Enterprise account
  • Working knowledge of the awesome Angular JavaScript framework


  • Based on the popular StudioPro Enterprise edition
  • Live server stats
  • Live station stats
  • Live GEO Map for stations
  • Privileges and ACL manager
  • User manager
  • App manager
  • mediaADNET entire set of APIs & UI: http://www.digitalsignage.com/_html/digital_signage_ad_network.html
  • Supports icon on your mobile device (resembles native android or ios app) via progressive web app
    • to add a mobile home screen, click your browser settings and select "add to home screen"


Technical data:

  • The application is powered by angular-cli
  • Use latest release of Angular with AOT mode
  • Application is powered by TypeScript
  • App can be hosted to run locally (recommended on node.js) or on any hosted web server Keep in mind that you must serve the source from the root (/) of the server domain (not under any sub-directory)
  • License is modified GPL V3
git clone https://github.com/born2net/studioDashboard.git
cd studioDashboard
npm install 


Keep in mind the StudioDashboard is often released with new updates, so you will lose any changes you make to your code if you overwrite it with our release builds. Be sure to merge changes and subclass modules to be able to continue and receive updates without loosing your source changes.

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