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jQuery plugin for one page website analytics (single page website analytics)
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One page website analytics jQuery plugin


##Usage example

<div id="home" class="page"><!-- home "page" content --></div>
<div id="about" class="page"><!-- about "page" content --></div>
<div id="contact" class="page"><!-- contact "page" content --></div>
$('#home').waypointVirtualPage({url: '/home', pageTitle:'Home page'});
$('#about').waypointVirtualPage({url: '/about', pageTitle:'About', triggerDelay: 2500, downPercentage:0.6, upPercentage:0.4, down:false});
$('#contact').waypointVirtualPage({url: '/contact', pageTitle:'Contact', triggerDelay: 1500});

Live demo

##Plugin options

  • url, pageTitle - [string] - parameters to be passed to Google Tag manager
  • triggerDelay - [integer, ms] - delay time to call a virtual "page" (to make sure it is not called when user is just fast scrolling through the "page")
  • downPercentage, upPercentage - [decimal, 0-1] - percentage the "page" takes from the viewport height when it triggers the event (for example, downPercentage:0.6 - when scrolling down, trigger an event when the "page" height takes 60% of the viewport height)
  • up, down - [boolean] - trigger directions (true by default)
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