Miscellaneous bits of work I've done, varying from small finished projects to prototypes
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Darkness Darkness - rougelike attempt Jul 9, 2012
abs ABS stuff? Feb 12, 2013
acog Fixed the silly spellign mistake Nov 13, 2012
game Removed submodules Feb 20, 2012
healthcheck Healthcheck app Feb 12, 2013
irc Initial commit Feb 20, 2012
map generation Fixed stuff Oct 12, 2012
pygame Added basic pygame code Apr 3, 2012
reason/prototype Initial prototype, imported from http://jsfiddle.net/borntyping/TAgC3/ Nov 1, 2012
rp tools Initial commit Feb 20, 2012
void Subtree merged void Feb 20, 2013
README Updated README Feb 20, 2012
datasift.py Playing around with datasift task output Nov 22, 2012


A collection of miscellaneous projects and bits of code, organised by subject area.

'rp tools' has tools and scripts related to pen and paper roleplaying games.
'game' has game components.
'irc' has early attempts at irc bots, predecessors to http://github.com/ziaix/aleph
'map generation' has various attempts at procedurally generating maps.