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A Riemann client library and command line tool for Python. It supports UDP and TCP transports, queries, and all metric types. The client library aims to provide a simple, minimal API, and does not require direct interaction with protocol buffers. There is also a queued client that can queue or batch events and then send them in a single message.

This project is no longer maintained. Please contact me by opening an issue on the GitHub project if you'd like to fork this repository and take over the ``riemann-client`` PyPI package.


As a command line tool:

riemann-client [--host HOST] [--port PORT] send [-s SERVICE] [-S STATE] [-m METRIC] [...]
riemann-client [--host HOST] [--port PORT] query QUERY

The host and port used by the command line tool can also be set with the RIEMANN_HOST and RIEMANN_PORT environment variables. By default, localhost:5555 will be used.

As a library:

import riemann_client.client

with riemann_client.client.Client() as client:
    client.event(service="riemann-client", state="awesome")
    client.query("service = 'riemann-client'")

A more detailed example, using both a non-default transport and a queued client:

from riemann_client.transport import TCPTransport
from riemann_client.client import QueuedClient

with QueuedClient(TCPTransport("localhost", 5555)) as client:
    client.event(service="one", metric_f=0.1)
    client.event(service="two", metric_f=0.2)

The QueuedClient class modifies the event() method to add events to a queue instead of immediately sending them, and adds the flush() method to send the current event queue as a single message.


riemann-client requires Python 2.6 or above, and can be installed with pip install riemann-client. It will use Google's protobuf library when running under Python 2, and GreatFruitOmsk's protobuf-py3 fork when running under Python 3. Python 3 support is experimental and is likely to use Google's protobuf once it supports Python 3 fully.


Testing (Linux/OSX)

Testing is done with tox:



Version 6.1.3

  • Added --echo/--no-echo option to the CLI.

Version 6.1.2

  • Fixed tests inclusion in tarball.

Version 6.1.1

  • Fixed socket error handling in riemann_client.client.AutoFlushingQueuedClient.

Version 6.1.0

  • riemann_client.client.AutoFlushingQueuedClient added.

Version 6.0.0

  • riemann_client.client.Client.create_dict only returns event fields that are set on the Protocol Buffers Event object
  • riemann-client send ... only outputs fields that were set on the message

Version 5.1.0

  • Added Python 3 support
  • Changed riemann_client.riemann_pb2 to wrap _py2 and _py3 modules
  • Changed to dynamically select a protobuf dependency

Version 5.0.x

  • Added API documentation (
  • Replaced argparse with click for an improved CLI
  • Various command line parameters changed
  • --event-host became --host
  • --print was removed, send always prints the sent event
  • Minor fixes to QueuedClient API
  • UDPTransport.send returns None instead of NotImplemented

Version 4.2.x

  • Added events() and send_events() methods to the client
  • Added clear_queue() method to the queued client
  • Add --timeout option for TCP based transports

Version 4.1.x

  • Full Riemann protocol support (TLS transport, event attributes)
  • Fixes for multiple broken features (--tags, --print)
  • Raise errors when clients are used incorrectly
  • Client displays errors from Riemann nicely
  • Relaxed version requirements to fit CentOS 6 packages

Version 3.0.x

  • Renamed module from riemann to riemann_client
  • Command line interface was rewritten, and is now the only part of the library that respects the RIEMANN_HOST and RIEMANN_PORT environment variables
  • Support for querying the Riemann index was added
  • Internally, transports now define send instead of write, and TCPTransport.send returns Riemann's response message


riemann-client is licensed under the MIT Licence. The protocol buffer definition is sourced from the Riemann Java client, which is licensed under the Apache Licence.


riemann-client was written by Sam Clements, while working at DataSift.