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Experimental bodacious game engine written in Common Lisp.

  1. Documentation
  2. Framework modules
  3. Guides
  4. Installation
  5. Misc
  6. Help and Support


See cl-bodge external documentation.

Framework modules

  • Foundations

    Basic engine blocks for memory management, concurrency, math, events and systems. Everything else is built on top. See cl-bodge/engine.

  • Host

    Abstraction layer over host OS-dependent functionality: windows, OS resource management, system and input events, etc. See cl-bodge/host.

  • Resources

    Asset management routines for asynchronous resource loading, preparation, retrieving and releasing. See cl-bodge/resources.

  • Graphics

    OpenGL-driven rendering engine. Provides convenience layer over bare GL functionality: shared shader libraries and programs, extended shader preprocessor, vertex array objects, GPU buffers, framebuffers/renderbuffers, textures, etc. See cl-bodge/graphics.

  • Canvas

    Hardware-accelerated 2d drawing routines. See cl-bodge/canvas.

  • Animation

    Support module for skeletal animation: keyframe sequences, keyframe interpolation, skinning shader. See cl-bodge/animation.

  • Audio

    OpenAL-driven postional 3D audio system: listener, audio sources, audio buffers, streaming, special effects, etc. See cl-bodge/audio.

  • Physics

    2D and 3D rigid body physics engine with collision detection: rigid bodies, joints, shapes, etc. See cl-bodge/physics.

  • Text

    Text rendering system. Signed Distance Field based rendering, fonts handling, glyph aligning, font-related math, etc. See cl-bodge/text

  • 2D GUI

    System for creating in-game hardware-accelerated multi-window user interfaces: windows, widgets, layouts. See cl-bodge/ui.

  • Distribution

    Utilites for packaging application for shipping across different OSes: lisp image dumping, execution file creation, OS bundles, assets and foreign dependencies packing. See cl-bodge/distribution.



;; Add cl-bodge distribution into quicklisp
(ql-dist:install-dist "")

;; Update main dist just in case
(ql:update-dist "quicklisp")

;; Load the demo
(ql:quickload :bodge-demo)
;; And run it!


Also, check out trivial-gamekit to get started with cl-bodge bit by bit.

Help and Support

If you have any troubles going through guides or running the demo, feel free to fire an issue here or ping me in #lispgames IRC channels at