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Autowrapper for Common Lisp
Common Lisp C Makefile
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src Use -I option instead of -i Oct 12, 2019
t Recognize vararg and emulate long double for CFFI Sep 22, 2019
.gitattributes Linguist-vendor specs Sep 20, 2019
.gitignore Refactor code and use CFFI as a backend Sep 11, 2019
LICENSE Refactor code and use CFFI as a backend Sep 11, 2019 Cleanup and add tests Sep 15, 2019
claw.asd Use c2ffi autodiscovery Oct 3, 2019


Common Lisp autowrapping facility for quickly creating clean&lean bindings to C libraries (C++ support pending).



:claw started as a fork of awesome cl-autowrap library, but while the idea is stayed the same it was almost completely rewritten to make it more maintainable and to streamline it for goals I pursued - clean, very thin performance-oriented (as less consing as possible, minimum overhead) bindings generator.



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