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Add movement state
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borodust committed Apr 23, 2017
1 parent b681885 commit 91065e3
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Showing 4 changed files with 43 additions and 18 deletions.
4 changes: 2 additions & 2 deletions client/src/events.lisp
Expand Up @@ -37,8 +37,8 @@
(ax ay))

(defevent velocity-changed ()
(defevent movement-changed ()

(defevent trigger-pulled () ())
34 changes: 21 additions & 13 deletions client/src/main.lisp
Expand Up @@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
(setf keymap (make-instance 'keymap)
task-queue (make-task-queue))
Expand All @@ -126,23 +126,31 @@
(post (make-camera-rotated ax (- ay)) eve)))
(setf prev-x x
prev-y y))
(key-velocity (key)
(case key
(:w (vec2 0.0 +player-speed+))
(:s (vec2 0.0 (- +player-speed+)))
(:a (vec2 (- +player-speed+) 0.0))
(:d (vec2 +player-speed+ 0.0))))
(update-velocity ()
(post (make-velocity-changed (reduce #'add movement-keys
:key #'key-velocity
:initial-value (vec2)))
(update-movement ()
(flet ((set-equal (this that)
(null (set-difference this that))))
(let* ((first (first movement-keys))
(second (second movement-keys))
(both (list first second))
(direction (cond
((null first) nil)
((null second) (case first
(:w :north)
(:a :west)
(:s :south)
(:d :east)))
(second (switch (both :test #'set-equal)
('(:w :a) :north-west)
('(:w :d) :north-east)
('(:s :a) :south-west)
('(:s :d) :south-east))))))
(post (make-movement-changed direction) eve))))
(update-buttons (button)
(lambda (state)
(case state
(:pressed (push button movement-keys))
(:released (deletef movement-keys button)))
(shoot (state)
(when (eq :pressed state)
(post (make-trigger-pulled) eve))))
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22 changes: 19 additions & 3 deletions client/src/player.lisp
Expand Up @@ -11,6 +11,7 @@

(defclass player (subscriber)
((name :initarg :name :initform (error ":name missing") :reader name-of)
(movement :initform nil :reader movement-of)
(position :initform (vec2)) ; f(x,y) field space = f(x,-z) global space
(rotation :initform (vec2) :accessor rotation-of)

Expand All @@ -33,6 +34,21 @@

(defmethod (setf movement-of) (direction (this player))
(with-slots (movement) this
(setf movement direction))
(setf (velocity-of this) (case direction
(:north (vec2 0.0 +player-speed+))
(:west (vec2 (- +player-speed+) 0.0))
(:south (vec2 0.0 (- +player-speed+)))
(:east (vec2 +player-speed+ 0.0))
(:north-west (vec2 (- +player-speed+) +player-speed+))
(:south-west (vec2 (- +player-speed+) (- +player-speed+)))
(:south-east (vec2 +player-speed+ (- +player-speed+)))
(:north-east (vec2 +player-speed+ +player-speed+))
(t (vec2 0.0 0.0)))))

(defun gaze-of (player)
"In global coords"
(with-slots (rotation) player
Expand All @@ -52,9 +68,9 @@

(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((this player) &key)
(flet ((update-velocity (ev)
(setf (velocity-of this) (velocity-from ev)))
(flet ((update-movement (ev)
(setf (movement-of this) (direction-from ev)))
(update-rotation (ev)
(look-at this (ax-from ev) (ay-from ev))))
(register-event-handler 'camera-rotated #'update-rotation)
(register-event-handler 'velocity-changed #'update-velocity)))
(register-event-handler 'movement-changed #'update-movement)))
1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions client/src/proxy.lisp
Expand Up @@ -3,6 +3,7 @@

(defclass proxy ()
((name :initarg :name :initform (error ":name missing") :reader name-of)
(movement :initform nil)
(position :initform (vec2)) ; f(x,y) field space = f(x,-z) global space
(rotation :initform (vec2) :reader rotation-of)
(updated-at :initform (real-time-seconds))
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