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Add proxy routing stub
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borodust committed Apr 17, 2017
1 parent 78d757c commit bbf0592
Showing 1 changed file with 43 additions and 20 deletions.
63 changes: 43 additions & 20 deletions proxy/proxy.lisp
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(define-constant +server-version+ 1)
(define-constant +routing-buffer-size+ (* 64 1024))

(defgeneric process-command (command message)
Expand All @@ -14,40 +15,63 @@
:text "Unknown command")))

(defclass mortar-combat-proxy (thread-bound-system)
(defclass mortar-combat-proxy (enableable generic-system)
((proxy-socket :initform nil)
(socket-table :initform (make-hash-table))
(routing-buffer :initform (make-array +routing-buffer-size+
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(info-socket :initform nil)))

(defun process-request (this connection)
;; fixme: record connection's last communication timestamp
;; to autoclose idle connections
(run (-> (this) ()
(let ((stream (usocket:socket-stream connection)))
(when (listen stream)
;; fixme: make async
(let ((message (conspack:decode-stream stream)))
(when (listp message)
(conspack:encode (process-command (getf message :command) message)
:stream stream)
(force-output stream))))))))
(let ((stream (usocket:socket-stream connection)))
(when (listen stream)
;; fixme: make async
(let ((message (conspack:decode-stream stream)))
(when (listp message)
(let ((*system* this))
(conspack:encode (process-command (getf message :command) message)
:stream stream))
(force-output stream)

(defun route-stream (this connection)
(declare (ignore this connection))

(defun process-input (this connection)
(with-slots (socket-table) this
(ecase (gethash connection socket-table)
(:info (process-request this connection))
(:proxy (route-stream this connection)))))

(defmethod initialize-system :after ((this mortar-combat-proxy))
(with-slots (proxy-socket info-socket) this
(with-slots (proxy-socket info-socket socket-table) this
(setf proxy-socket (usocket:socket-listen #(127 0 0 1) 8222
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
info-socket (usocket:socket-listen #(127 0 0 1) 8778
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(in-new-thread "socket-listener"
(let ((sockets (list proxy-socket info-socket)))
(loop while (enabledp this) do
(loop for connection in (cddr (usocket:wait-for-input sockets))
when (usocket:socket-state connection)
do (process-request this connection))
((usocket:socket-state info-socket)
(push (usocket:socket-accept info-socket) (cddr sockets)))))))))
(flet ((%accept (passive-socket type)
(let ((active-socket (usocket:socket-accept passive-socket)))
(setf (gethash active-socket socket-table) type)
(push active-socket (cddr sockets)))))
(loop while (enabledp this) do
(loop for rest-connections on (cdr (usocket:wait-for-input sockets))
for connection = (second rest-connections)
when (and connection (usocket:socket-state connection))
do (when (process-input this connection)
(pop (cdr rest-connections))))
((usocket:socket-state info-socket) (%accept info-socket :info))
((usocket:socket-state proxy-socket) (%accept info-socket :proxy))))))))))

(defmethod make-system-context ((this mortar-combat-proxy))
Expand All @@ -65,8 +89,7 @@

(defun stop ()
(in-new-thread "exit-thread"

(defun main (args)
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