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Replace 'workon' (a virualenvwrapper command) with virtualenv's own c…

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1 parent da556c9 commit 7c637e02a10a8abd21d74644d04f6876d5f29f49 @boronine committed Aug 1, 2010
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ As of this writing, PyPy isn't supported by virtualenv, fiddling with both,
I found a way to use them together and made this script to simplify it for
other developers. Supports Linux and (experimentally) OS X.
- workon myenv
+ source myenv/bin/activate
easy_install pypyenv
pypyenv install # Tries to install PyPy with JIT
pypyenv --nojit install # Forces non-JIT installation

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