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Easily install PyPy in a virtualenv without touching CPython.
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As of this writing, PyPy isn't supported by virtualenv, fiddling with both, I found a way to use them together and made this script to simplify it for other developers. Supports Linux and (experimentally) OS X.

workon myenv
easy_install pypyenv
pypyenv install # Tries to install PyPy with JIT
pypyenv --nojit install # Forces non-JIT installation
pypyenv uninstall # Uninstalls PyPy from virtualenv

pypyenv will create a pypy executable in your virtualenv's bin folder, but will not change your current python executable by default. If you want to use PyPy exclusively in your virtualenv, do the following:

cd path/to/my/env
cd bin
mv python python.bak
ln -s pypy python

Good luck!

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