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ErlyDTL-NG implements most but not all of the Django Template Language.
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ErlyDTL-NG implements most but not all of the Django Template Language.

Project homepage:


To compile ErlyDTL-NG, type "make" in this directory.

Template compilation

If you use standard integration, you can render template using following function:
    erlydtl_renderer:render(Name, Vars, Options) or
    erlydtl_renderer:render(Name, Module, Vars, Options)
    Name   - template name relative to doc_root (see Options)
    Module -  module name for compiled template
    Vars - Context for render template. Can be dict(), gb_tree(), prop_list() or record with callback module
    Options - List of compile/render options

Options is a proplist possibly containing:

    doc_root - Included template paths will be relative to this directory;
        defaults to the compiled template's directory.

    erl_out_dir - directory for store compiled templates sources (Erlang sources)

If you want to write your renderer, erlydtl:compile accepts following options:

   reader - {module, function} tuple that takes a path to a template and returns
        a binary with the file contents. Defaults to {file, read_file}. Useful
        for reading templates from a network resource.

   compiler_options - Proplist passed directly to compiler:forms/2 

   debug - flag for generate less verbose forms (useful for template debugging)
   out_dir - Directory to store generated .beam files. If not specified, no
       .beam files will be created.

   renderer_module - module, that stores/renders blocks and renders subtemplates

   renderer_params - params, used for render

   write_erl_to - if this property specified, compiler writes erlang code to specified file


From a Unix shell, run:

    make test

Note that the tests will create some output in examples/rendered_output and examples/erl_output.

This project is greatly rewritten ErlyDTL templating engine ( 
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