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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ description: All of the commands and configuration options supported by bors-ng
| bors delegate=[list] | Allow the listed users to r+ this pull request's changes.
| bors ping | Will respond if bors is set up.
| bors retry | Run the previous command a second time.
| bors p=[priority] | Set the priority of the current pull request
| bors r+ p=[priority] | Set the priority, run the test suite, and push to master (shorthand for doing p= and r+ one after the other)

The keyword (`bors`) may be separated with a space or a colon. That is, `bors try` and `bors: try` are the same thing.
Also, the command will be recognized if, and only if, the word "bors" is at the beginning of a line.

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