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- Re-organised JGLBabalCanvas to better handle resizing
- Pause
- Properly handle time when game not running (e.g. minimized window or applet
- Fixed: If leftmost column is filled, you can move past the left the space of
one column
- On startup, choose correct initial position rather than defaulting to centre
(and immediately crashing if the centre is not filled)
- If crash lands on empty row, move forward until non-empty row is found.
- Ball rotation wraps around so it is always in [0,360).
- Basic joystick support in the pyopengl version. No analog controls.
- When calling v_zero_cb in MotionPhysics, calculate time at which velocity was
actually zero and call it with MotionPhysics in the state it would have been
at that time. This prevents the ball shooting off in the opposite direction
when you decelerate it and the game is running at a low framerate.
- Initial Release