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A collection of RGB mods for the N64. This repository includes:

  • a simple RGB amp
    • based on TI's video amplifier THS7374 / THS7373 (only for some NTSC-units)
    • folder: simpleRGBAmp
  • a general RGB digital-to-analog converter based on viletims schematics
    • supported devices: MaxII (EPM240T100C5, EPM570T100C5) and MaxV (5M240ZT100C4, 5M570ZT100C4) CPLDs
    • PCB files (common for all supported devices) and firmware (separate programming files) are provided
    • folder: generalRGBmod
  • an advanced RGB digital-to-analog converter with optional YPbPr conversion
    • supported FPGA: Cyclone IV EP4CE10E22 and Cyclone 10 LP 10CL010YE144
    • PCB files (common for all supported devices) and firmware (separate programming files) are provided
    • additional Filter board for the outputted video signal if you need that
    • folder: advancedRGBmod
  • additional MAV-NUS Adapter:
    • pin breakout from 0.8mm pitch to 1.27mm pitch
    • PCB files provided
    • folder: misc/MAV-NUS-BreakOut
  • additional power supply PCB for viletime N64RGB DAC and N64RGBv1
    • PCB files provided
    • folder: misc/PowerReg
  • Filter AddOn for N64RGBv2 and N64 Advanced:
    • used to filter the video signal comming out of the ADV7125 or to adjust signal levels such that one can use SNES PAL RGB cables
    • PCB files provided
    • folder: misc/FilterAddOn
  • an alternative firmware for viletims commercial N64 RGB modding kit
    • include in firmware folder of generalRGBmod
    • project: n64rgb_viletim.qpf


Of course, many thanks to viletim for his initial CPLD-based DAC project, for providing a valuable commercial modding board as well as for publishing the schematics and source codes for that project. I also want to send many thanks to Ikari_01. He has written the code to detect 480i and PAL/NTSC output with the CPLD. He provides a source code for the XC9572XL, which can be accessed here: URL to Ikari_01's GitHub repository Last but not least, thank you to Bob for his website RetroRGB and especially in this context here for collecting and sharing all the RGB information regarding the N64.