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Public version of the DNSSEC key rollover monitor and checker.
The tool has been described in a paper released at the SATIN conference
<>. See the paper at
Basic instructions:
1) sqlite3 dnssec.sqlite < create.sql
[If you had the tool in production before 2015-10-08, upgrade the database with
sqlite3 dnssec.sqlite < upgrade-1.sql ]
2) Edit ~/.key-report.ini; you can use key-report.ini.sample as a
starting point. Set fileonly to a file which is appended to if
you don't want to (or can't) send e-mail.
Or you can put ' $YOURDOMAIN $YOURSERVER' into
the crontab.
If you want to monitor several domains, an example script is:
# $RANDOM is actually a bash extension so may be I should use /bin/bash
# Remember to add a dot at the end, specially for TLD which match a
# type or class name (Mexico, Madagascar...)
for domain in ; do
sleep $((RANDOM/320))
# Select a name server at random
set $(dig +cd +short NS $domain)
shift $(($RANDOM % $#))
# Select an IP address at random
set $(printf %s "$server" | dig +cd +short AAAA -f - ; printf %s "$server" | dig +cd +short A -f -)
shift $(($RANDOM % $#))
if [ "$address" = "" ]; then
echo "Cannot find an address for $server"
exit 1
./ $domain $address
which can also, obviously, put in a crontab.
Comments and requests can be sent to Stéphane Bortzmeyer <>