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-- Columns storing time are of type INT because SQLite doesn't provide
-- better. The time is always stored in UTC.
-- TODO: add primary keys (such as the couple (key, name) for the tables Keys)
CREATE TABLE Signatures (first_seen INT, last_seen INT, type INT, name TEXT,
ttl INT, key_tag INT, algorithm INT, inception INT, expiration INT, signature TEXT);
CREATE TABLE Zones (first_seen INT, last_seen INT, name TEXT,
serial INT, nameserver TEXT); -- TODO: not perfect because the
-- nameserver may change each
-- time. A table with all the
-- measures instead?
CREATE TABLE Keys (first_seen INT, last_seen INT, name TEXT, key_tag INT,
flags INT, -- Flags may change during the key's lifetime (for
-- instance the REVOKE bit). These are only the
-- first-seen flags, never changed after. See the
-- Keys_Flags table for current flags.
algorithm INT, protocol INT, key TEXT);
-- Each DNSKEY RRset is made of several lines of table Keysets, one
-- for each member key. All the lines of a given DNSKEY RRset has the
-- same "id".
-- Remember that two zones may have the same keyset so we cannot make id UNIQUE
CREATE TABLE Keysets (id TEXT NOT NULL, first_seen INT, last_seen INT, name TEXT, ttl INT, PRIMARY KEY (id, name));
-- "id" is the SHA-1 hash (base64-encoded) of all the keys of the set.
CREATE TABLE Keysets_members (id TEXT, member TEXT);
-- "member" refers to a "key" in table Keys
CREATE TABLE Keys_Flags (key TEXT, zone TEXT, flags INT, seen INT);
-- TODO: it's not ideal to index by key tag, they may be reused
CREATE TABLE Keys_Signs (key_tag INT, zone TEXT, what TEXT,
first_seen INT, last_seen INT); -- "what" is the RR type, SOA, DNSKEY, etc
-- Good readings, for the "time" columns:
-- and