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NoNewContent is an echo server (see RFC 862 for the echo protocol). It
is intended as a research project and is not probably suitable for use
on the wild Internet.
The official source is <>
./nonewcontent [-address="[ADDRESS]:PORT"]
Run with -h to see the defaults (and the other, less common, options)
The -address option takes either a port (in the syntax ":NNN"), in
that case NoNewContent listens on all IP addresses, or one address (in
the syntax "x.y.z.T:NNN" for IPv4 and "[xxxx:yyyy::zzzz]:NNN" for
IPv6). If you want to listen on some (but not all) of the IP
addresses, separate them with commas, for instance
For the person who compiles
You need a working Go <> environment. Today, only the
gc compiler is supported.
Then, just type:
Implementation notes
One goroutine is run for every echo request. Makes the code much
simpler and easier to read.
Use the log package?
Test with gccgo
Daemonize <>
Stéphane Bortzmeyer <>
This is free software. Free as in free speech, not as in free beer.
See the actual license in LICENSE