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Retrieve and display the location information stored in the DNS

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   query-loc: a program to retrieve and display the location
   information in the DNS. 

   It uses the algorithms described in
   RFC 1876 (and RFC 1101 to get the network names).
   You can find examples of networks wchich implement this scheme
   in the ADDRESSES file.

   A web page to describe it is
   <>. Its official home (for
   downloading or if you want to submit patches or to become a
   developer) is <>.

   It is under the General Public Licence (GPL, which
   you can fetch from <>.

   Copyright Stéphane Bortzmeyer <>, 1998-2007.

   Thanks to Paul Vixie for the RFC and its encouragements. Thanks
   to Björn Augustsson  for the xtraceroute program 
   <>. Thanks to Roland
   Dirlewanger for extensive patching.

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