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A CraftCMS Mail Transport strategy using Amazon SES.
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Amazon SES plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

A mail transport for Amazon SES written as a Craft 3 plugin.

Amazon SES Overview

Amazon Simple Email Service enables you to send and receive email using a reliable and scalable email platform. To learn more check out the documentation.


To install, just add the plugin to your CraftCMS 3 composer file:

composer require borucreative/craft3-ses

Configuring the Amazon SES Mail Transport

In your Craft 3 control panel, under Settings > Email, you should see an option for Amazon SES under Transport Type.

Select Amazon SES and a couple of additional fields will appear to allow you to enter your Amazon access key and secret key as well your configured Amazon region.

Once configured, save the configuration. Don't forget to use the from address you set up in Amazon SES.

Brought to you by Boru Creative

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