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Bitcoin Trezor Vanity Address

Generate Bitcoin vanity address for i.a. Trezor hardware wallet.

Addresses are generated into the MySQL database, and you can search for the desired address using SQL query. The database also stores mnemonic seeds (for the addresses collection) and private keys for individual addresses.

You can use external MySQL database because private data are encrypted using AES-256. By default, the script generates the first 5 addresses in the BIP44 (1...) and BIP49 (3...) format for each seed phrase.

For more info see the BIP39, BIP44, BIP49 spec.

In addition, the project includes a script that allows you to categorize addresses based on the contents of words from the dictionary.


Project require PHP >= 7.1 (extensions php-cli, php-mysql,php-gmp, php-bcmath), MySQL database access and Composer dependency manager.


  1. Clone repository:

    git clone
  2. Create database.yml and encryption.yml based on *.example files located in directory config/, and set database access data and AES encryption passphrase.

  3. Install composer dependencies:

    composer install
  4. Execute SQL queries from ddl.sql file, in your database, to create data structure.

Runing generation script

To start addresses generating, execute:

php bin/GenerateVanityAddress.php

The addresses will appear in the database that you can search using the sql query e.g.

SELECT * FROM addresses WHERE address LIKE '%boruta%';

By default script is working for 2 minutes (you can change easily change this in bin/GenerateVanityAddress.php file). You can run multiple instances in parallel, and put the script in the crontab (for default config: */2 * * * *).

Runing dictionary search

To start dictionary search of generated addresses, execute:

php bin/RateAddressValue.php

By default during composer install there are downloaded dictionaries for English and Polish languages. You can remove, or add new dictionary files in config/dictionaries/ directory.

The script will iterate individual addresses and check the occurrence of words from the dictionary, and then add relevant information to the database.

This script also works for 2 minutes by default. You can run multiple processes at the same time because they are synchronized.

Private key / seed phrase decryption

To decrypt data, copy the encrypted data from the addresses or mnemonic_seeds table (depending on what you want to decrypt), and paste it to bin/DecryptData.php in place of 1234567890_SOME_ENCRYPTE_DATA.

Then execute the following command:

php bin/DecryptData.php

As a result, you will receive decrypted data. You can import decrypted seed phrase into your Trezor using the restore option, or import private key to full node wallet.

Database structure

The structure of the database is intuitive and contains foreign keys so moving around it should not be problem.

DB structure

Use ddl.sql to create structure.


Generate Bitcoin vanity address for i.a. Trezor hardware wallet.







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