Simple docker-compose to proxy Tor domain to clearnet website.
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Docker Tor Hidden Service Proxy

Create simple darknet proxy to clearnet website using Docker container.

See example on Proxy request is sending additional header x-tor, which allows you to recognize the tor domain.


  1. Clone repository:

    git clone
  2. Edit tor/proxy.conf and change {YOUR_DOMAIN} to clearnet domain you want to create proxy.

  3. Edit docker-compose.yml and change {YOUR_DOMAIN_PRIVATE_KEY} to hidden service domain private key.

    If you do not have domain already generated you can comment out line in Dockerfile:

    RUN echo "${PRIVATE_KEY}" > /var/lib/tor/proxy/private_key

    Domain will be generated automatically. You can read the hostname after docker-compose up, by command:

    docker exec dockertorhiddenserviceproxy_tor-server_1 cat /var/lib/tor/proxy/hostname
  4. Run docker-compose:

    docker-compose up -d