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Modify Parser error value #104

snoyberg opened this Issue December 26, 2012 · 4 comments

2 participants

Michael Snoyman Bryan O'Sullivan
Michael Snoyman

Motivated by yesodweb/persistent#60.

It would be nice to be able to provide more information for an error message. For example:

parseJSON (Object o) = modifyFailure
    (\s -> "Parsing of the Persistent config file failed: " ++ s)
    (Foo <$> o .: "someField")

Currently, I could do something like <|> fail "Parsing of Persistent config file failed", but I can't get access to the original error message.

Michael Snoyman snoyberg referenced this issue in yesodweb/persistent December 26, 2012

Error handling in configuration #60

Bryan O'Sullivan

Sure, that looks handy. Want to submit a patch?

Michael Snoyman snoyberg referenced this issue from a commit in snoyberg/aeson January 01, 2013
Michael Snoyman modifyFailure (bos/aeson#104) 34d4636
Michael Snoyman

Pull request #106 sent.

Bryan O'Sullivan bos closed this January 02, 2013
Bryan O'Sullivan
bos commented January 02, 2013

Aaand fixed.

Michael Snoyman

Would it be possible to release a new version of aeson with this change?

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